LPWAN with LoPy (Part 2): Components assembly

In the second part of the series, we will focus on the assembly of all components. There are not many parts to assembly, and the assembly itself is easy. We just need to pay attention to a few things. The following guide was inspired from the Pycom documentation and, if necessary, it is possible to find the answers there (or ask here below this article).

What parts for the assembly do we have?

• Lopy: LoPy is a microcontroller (development board), that allows communicating through LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth. It is programmable with MicroPython (Python 3.5 optimised to run on microcontrollers). Pinout is described here.

• Expansion board: Expansion board allows supply power through USB or LiPo battery and contains MicroSD card slot. Pinout is described here.

• Antenna: Antenna allows LoRa communication.

• PyCase: Case that allows inserting LoPy within expansion board.

The only tool we will need to put the Lopy to a case is a cross-head screwdriver (size 1).

What do we need put the attention during the assembling on?

• Proper planting Lopy to expansion board

• Proper fit in a box together with the connection of the antenna

Steps to build everything together is very well shown in the video Pycom Assembling Components.

The following illustration shows the Expansion Board layout (taken from the user manual). While setting the Lopy into the Expansion Board, it is important to ensure that the LED on the LoPy toward the USB connector on the Expansion Board (see item No. 2 in the illustration).

In the case that you have the first version of LoPy (indicated on LoPy) and want to take advantage of the Deep Sleep mode, it is necessary to insert a Deep Sleep Shield into the Expansion Board first in the manner described in the documentation. In this case, however, the LoPy no longer fit into the case:(.

Now I just added a few photos that depict the above-mentioned information.

Setting the LoPy into the expansion Board.

Connecting the antenna output and setting the LoPy into the box.

Almost done.

Hurray! Done.

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