Industrial Internet Reference Architecture blueprint was released in June 2015

Industrial Internet Consortium released the blueprint of Industrial Internet Refrence Architecture – IIRA in June 2015. Industrial Internet Reference Architecture is an open, standards-based architecture suitable for Industrial Internet of Things. Industrial Internet Systems (IIS) based on IIRA will allow communication between things (sensors, systems, and applications) and will also utilize advanced analytics. On top of that, IIS can also transfer the results to the cloud for sharing and shall ensure the interoperability between different manufacturers and will allow its deployment in the various sectors.

“Connectivity”, or how things communicate, is one of the biggest challenges for the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The IIRA takes an innovative, distributed “databus” approach that eases interoperability while providing top performance, reliability, and security.

Source: IIRA « RTI Blog

Author: PP

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